How To Make A Free Website Using WordPress

If you are a marketer, property agent, car sales, entrepreneur, network marketing activist, or online business, then having a website will be a necessity as an online promotion tool.

For this reason, this time I will discuss how to create a website for free on the site WORDPRESS.COM.

However, before we discuss further, I want to set things straight, so that we can be of one mind.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress used to be a website application platform for creating blogs.

But along with the development of technology and people’s needs for the internet, WordPress is experiencing developments and adding features that we can now also use to create websites for various purposes.

So the function of WordPress is not only limited to blogs. But we can also take advantage of creating static websites, online store websites, business profile websites, property websites, online course websites, and so on.

Regarding the type of WordPress itself, there are 2 versions, namely:

  • Instant WordPress (
  • WordPress Install (

We can get Instant WordPress by creating an account on, while WordPress Install can be obtained by downloading on the site and installing it on your own (self-hosted) hosting.

How To Make WordPress On WordPress.Com

The steps are as follows:

1). Click this link >> Once open, a form will appear.

Choose the name of your blog in the column, this name will be the address that will be used by others to visit your blog. If so, continue by clicking the “Create Website” button.

2). After that, the form will appear as follows. Fill in the fields using the correct information. Later information such as email, the username (username), and password, you will always use when you want to go to your WordPress blog control panel page.

3). In the Email Address column, make sure you use an active email address, and you open it often. Because WordPress will send a registration confirmation sent via the email. If you don’t have an email, please make an email first. It can be on Yahoo, Google, or others.

4). In the Username column, select the username that you like. Please remember carefully, don’t forget, because this username is exclusive and can only be used by one user. If your chosen username is rejected, look for another name until it is accepted.

5). In the Password column, create a slightly unique word that you always remember, but that is not easily guessed by others.

6). Well, if the blog name you entered was available and can be accepted by WordPress, then the Blog Address column will display the name of the blog of your choice with a green checkmark. But if the name of your choice is already used by another user, a red checkmark will appear.

7). If the information in the fields above has been completed, scroll down your mouse pointer, so that the screen on your laptop / PC looks like the following table.

Click the “Create Blog” button that I marked with the red arrow because we will create a free version of the WordPress blog. and WordPress will send a confirmation email regarding the account you just registered.

8). Now, it’s time for you to make adjustments to the blog that you want to use. There are approximately 4 steps you can follow, please click on the image:


The steps above are optional / not mandatory, so you can adjust them later. Click the “Next Step” button to speed up the process. When done, you will then be taken to the blog admin panel page, and make sure you see a notification like the following:

9). Now open the email that you used to register on Click the activation link in your email. If you don’t find the e-mail from WordPress, try searching in the spam or bulk e-mail folder. This is an example of an email sent by WordPress.

10). Well, if your account is already active, you can use it right now to start blogging.